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Pulverizer (rotating)
- 360° Hydraulic rotating
- Trunnion mounting cylinder for compact design
- High strength and wear resistance materials for reliability
- Speed-up valve for fast work
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Description units PR200H
 Weight lb 4,343
 Max Opening Width A in 30.4
 Overall Width B in 45.1
 Overall Length C in 80.7
 Overall Height D in 27.2
 Body Width E in 19.9
 Arm Width F in 11.8
 Crushing Force @ 4,8000psi G US ton 57
H US ton 102
 Cutting Force @ 4,800psi J US ton 178
 Cutter Length K in 6.7
 Allowable Max. System Pressure psi 5,500
 Swing Motor Setting Pressure psi 3,000
 Recommended Oil Flow Cylinder gpm 39.6 ~ 66.0
S / Motor gpm 9.5 ~ 10.6
 Speed-up Valve - Standard
 Rotating - Hydraulic
 Recommended Carrier Weight lb 44,100 ~ 61,700

       * Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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